Can I Build My Own Website?


Of course you can. Millions of people do it every day. The question really is “Should I build a website myself?” That’s the tougher question.

If you build your own, you will spend less money but what will you get? Can you fix your car? Do you like to make repairs on your house? Do you design your own brochures? Do you write your own software?

Well if you answered yes to any one you might be able to design and create your own website. The question is again should you?

There certainly are no shortage of websites and software packages to get you started, many of them are free. With enough time, design sense, a good plan many people create passable websites. But the question is should you?

The answer is it depends.

Whether or not you need help depends on how complex your website will be. If you haven’t done your due diligence yet, even you don’t know the answer to that question.

The first step and one that you need to do whether you build it yourself or pay some one to do it is sit down with a sheet of paper and list bullet points of everything that your website needs to do. Use more paper if you need it. Don’t get too technical, most things can be described in one or two sentences.

You and you alone are the vision keeper for your project. You have to convey the problem that needs to be solved.. When describing your problem that you want solved, make sure you use clear and plain language. Don’t assume that someone else will understand industry jargon or acronyms. Just because it’s clear to you doesn’t mean that it is clear to someone else.

With that done do you feel comfortable getting that done? Do you have the time? Is this the best use of your time? Don’t you have a business to run? How valuable do you feel the web site will be to you? How much time do you have to spend building the website?

These are only questions that you can answer. But you have completed the first step. From here we would be happy to look at your list at let you know if we think it’s something you should try yourself or something you might want to pay to have done.

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